‘243 ways’ to ‘Wilds’ – Casino Slots Terminology

 Jul, 25 - 2017   CasinoSlots

In a slot machine, a five reel screen is offered which has three symbol spot on every reel. There are 243 ways to win in the Slots Machines. Previously players were required to line up specific pay lines on the slots machines to win. Once the pay line symbols lined up, the player won. However, the players couldn’t win if other symbols lined up that were not on the pre chosen pay lines.

Winning the slots was a frustrating although exciting event. At times, a player may win a wild, in slots terminology, a walking wild is a win that does not line up the pay lines but gives the player free spins. This slots glossary is commonly referred to as walking wild. As the symbols spin and lineup, it provides an impression that anything is possible during this part of the game, it is like walking in wild unchartered territory, which is why it is aptly referred to as walking wild in slots terminology.

In Slots Glossary, 243 lines of winning are available unlike previously when distinct pay lines had to be chosen before hand to win. A 243 ways represents 243 opportunities to win. There are nine combos in two reels, and the formula continues as you increase the number of reels on the slots machine.

There are various slot terminologies used in casino gambling as explained below:-

Pay lines: – This in slot terminology refers to lines that symbols land in a reel after spinning. In 243 ways slot machine, this is not applicable as long as the right combination of symbols appears on different reels across. Pay lines in the modern slot machines offers higher risk and also higher pay because of multiple combinations and patterns of the reels. In 243 ways slot machine, there are no win lines as it pays in all directions for the combinations that are involved. A pay line will have a payout in case it has a winning combination.

Reels: – This as explained in the slots glossary in slots terminology are physical wheels that are setup to spin when used by the player with symbols on them in a given order. There are different types of reels some with multiple symbols to make sure that there is a mathematical possibility while playing. Reel stops are put in place in order to stop when required to match the pay lines. Reel has configurations that determine the number of probable pay lines that are offered to a player.

Symbols: – Symbols are the letters or the numbers seen in the slot machine. As illustrated in the slots terminology; they are images on the slots screen and give the game’s theme. Symbols are represented in different modes. There are bells, bars or fruits used for this purpose. The winning of the game depends on how many similar symbols can be matched with one pay line.

Major symbols: – pay quite a high price than others and they have a small probability of winning but eventually pay more compared to others as generally accepted in Slots Glossary.

Minor symbols: – Minor symbols in slots terminology award the player many frequent wins although on a lower scale and lesser value. The players earn more randomly but small prices.

Wild symbols: – Wild symbols in slots terminology in slots glossary are substitutes for other symbols and typically result in a winning combination. Wild symbols have essential features that have bonus duplicators. There are also scattered wild symbols that are usually stacked one on top of the other and gives a higher chance of winning combination. It remains on the spot and awards the player many chances of spins.

Special symbols: – Special symbols in slots terminology usually prompt a certain bonus characteristic. In the eventual probability one of the symbols arise, then a bonus is assured resulting to the player offered a free play or bonus game and increase the chances to win. This is commonly referred to as walking wild, once bonus free spins are provided in the Slots Terminologies. A unique symbol prompts only individual bonus elements and is always guided by specific rules of the game.

Scatter: – Scatter in slots glossary is a form of a symbol that creates winning combinations, and pay lines do not dictate it. Scatter symbols indicate and unlock features that have bonuses and offer them as free spins.

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