Understanding The Rtp Of Casino Slots And How It All Works

 Dec, 03 - 2017   CasinoSlots

The Return to Player(RTP) is a phrase used by casinos and casino games developers to describe the long-term theoretically expected percentage of returns from all the stakes on a slot machine, video lottery terminal(VLT), video poker machine or any other form of betting with a standing calculated house edge.

Various online casino slots providers have got their own slots RTP percentages. For this reason, it would be wise to know the figure for each video slots RTP for you to decide the title that would be worth playing, the higher the RTP the lesser your chances of losing. This text basically helps you understand the RTP and how it works so let’s get into details.

Understanding the RTP

Even though you should know how to calculate the RTP, most online games do publish their RTP stats for every slot machine. It may also be listed in the information section. The RTP is calculated by dividing the whole amount returned to players by the whole amount wagered by the players and the figure does not necessarily add up to every gaming session.

Let’s say for example that the slot game that you are playing has got an RTP of 96% and you wager 100 of the currency you have in one session. You obviously know that there is nothing that is going to return you 96 of your currency in that effect. The RTP is related to long-term averages and not short-term probabilities. Even though a higher RTP ratio promises more money, that is not really true. Your return nears the specified RTP over a long period of time but it varies wildly in short seasons.

Online casino slots games are dominated by random number generators which ultimately dictates whether you win or not and the amount. Any game with an RTP of 96% would be more profitable than the one that returns say 85% in a longer period so that’s why the most lucrative slots will have RTPs of up to 99%.

It is not uncommon to see the RTP being more than 95% for the online slot games, while back on the land slot games it can be as low as 85% or even lower than that. This clearly shows you that the RTPs in online casinos are always much higher than in land-based casinos. This is because the online gaming scenario is much more competitive as compared to offline gaming. This makes it necessary for the game developers to entice players to a more favourable state.

You should note that there is no slot that will ever guarantee you sure wins every time you wager. So the only way to go about this is by relying on those online casino slots that have the highest RTP closest to 100% so that you can always have better odds to beat the casino. You will then need to know how to utilize your RTP to benefit you on cashable casino bonus. Some of the highest slots RTP are found in the following sites.

  • Mega Joker (NetEnt) with 99% RTP. It is an old school slot hence features less of the flashy features you would find in the video slots RTPs.
  • Cosmic Quest II Mystery Planets comes with a 98.95% RTP. The site occasionally spins in an impressive feature win during base play.
  • Chess Mate (Multisport) packs a 98.70% RTP though its slots are generally very basic.
  • 1429 Uncharted Seas (Thunderkick) has a 98.60% RTP and features free spins with big pays and expanding wilds.
  • Ragnarock (Genesis Gaming) has got a 98.00% RTP and it is one of the slot casinos under the hoods of Microgaming casinos.

These are just but a few of the sites that gives the RTP some meaning, the list is long so you just need to look for them and choose your best.

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