What’s The Deal With Virtual Reality and Live Casino? Find Out All You Need To Know

 Oct, 11 - 2017   Casino

What’s the deal with Virtual Reality and Live Casino Find out all you need to know Virtual reality is a relatively new concept, once the subject of science fiction it’s now readily available for anyone to buy.

Although many people still haven’t experienced virtual reality, new online casinos are jumping at the opportunity to offer VR slots. So if you play slot games online, you may want to experience this new phenomenon. Some online casinos in the UK are providing VR live dealer casino games in addition to VR slots.

What Is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtual reality technology is generally used in video games to provide the feeling that the player is ‘inside’ of the game. Virtual reality videos have also recently gained a lot of interest meaning players can feel as if they are riding roller coasters, or taking a helicopter tour of a famous landmark. It works by players wearing a headset that blocks out the outside world and provides a 3D world that is seen through the player’s eyes. This gives the perception that the player is in the virtual environment.

What Are VR Slots?

Some new online casinos are now offering a more futuristic way of playing slot games online. With VR slots, players can now feel as if they are in a vegas style casino from the comfort of their own homes. The VR slots experience allows players to walk around a casino and choose from a selection of slots. The VR experience also provides a more sociable aspect to online gambling, meaning players will be able to interact with other players that are also in the VR casino.

How Does It Work? Playing VR Slot Games Online

Players can access a virtual reality world by using a VR headset or glasses. One the player is wearing the headset, everything around them in the room is replaced by a virtual world. The player can then interact with the virtual world by using a handheld controller where they will be able to walk around a virtual land based casino and choose to play certain games.

Will It Take Off?

The online casino industry has revolutionised gambling and VR could take it to the next level. With more and more companies integrating VR technology into games, it is understandable that casinos have chosen to jump on the bandwagon too. The attractive nature of a VR casino means that some online players that have never set foot in a land based casino before will be able to do so (or feel like they have). There are some concerns however that the VR casino experience may have negative effects on gamblers.

The Issues With A VR Casino

The main point of virtual reality is to allow individuals to lose themselves in a virtual world, whether this is a good thing when it comes to gambling is debatable. From the casino’s perspective providing virtual reality gaming is a great idea meaning that gamblers will immerse themselves in gameplay. It could be argued though that this could have a negative effect on gamblers, meaning that they are even further from the outside world than they would be playing regular online slot or table games.

Is VR The Future Of Gambling?

Although VR provides an innovative take on gambling, it is difficult to see a world where it would entirely replace land based casinos. It could however be the future of online gambling, but land based casinos still provide a lot that virtual reality technology can’t. Essentially, VR casino simply provides quicker access to the feeling of being in a land based casino but it is difficult to see how this could ever wipe out land based casinos. This is particularly true when thinking of older gamblers and land based casino regulars that probably aren’t that familiar with such technological advances.

Is It All About Being ‘Lost’ In The Game?

Although some argue that casinos are using VR to make players become lost in their games, others appear to be doing it for different reasons. Some US land based casinos are currently offering VR experiences for players to get a feel for the casino and ‘test it out’ before taking the trip to the casino itself. This is a common theme for other kinds of businesses, such as museums that offer interactive VR tours of their premises.

Overall, VR is a new form of gaming that provides a more exciting experience for players. The chance of VR changing online casino gaming forever is unlikely.

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