Everything You Need to Know About Online Casino Free Spins

 Jun, 11 - 2017   Casino

Online casino free spins help you easily locate bonus deals. In fact, they come in so handy, you would always find yourself wanting for more. Technically speaking, a free spin is a predefined free bet for games such as slots. The spin has a predetermined number of bet rounds and active paylines, and also bet size. Generally, an online casino would dole out these free spins to its patrons as part of recurring, standard bonus deals every week or in the form of special holiday or welcome promotions. These casino free spins could be offered individually or bundled in with a package of other offerings. There are several aspects to free spins: types, games playable, etc. Keep reading to learn more about casino free spins.

Free Spin Types

The following are the different types of free spins:

• No Deposit Free Spin

A no deposit free spin is usually given to fresh players and/or active, loyal players. These spins do not need any deposit. Usually, new players get 10 to 30 free spins. Existing players, on the other hand, receive up to 15 on a consistent basis. At the end of the day, the number of free spins received would depend on the particular casino. VIP players usually get a lot more of these spins than regular players.

• Deposit Free Spin

Deposit free spin is the direct opposite of no deposit free spin. Players are expected to deposit a minimum sum to avail this free spin. Generally, the minimum deposit amount could be anywhere between £10 and £20. In some instances, a casino could ask for a minimum deposit as high as £100. But for the money paid, these free spins offer more value. In other words, you’ll receive a lot more spins.

• Super Spins

Offered by not many casinos, Super Spins are a lot more generous in nature. These are free spins, but come with a bet that’s sized higher than normal. This means better chances of winning.

• Mega Spins

Mega Spins is essentially an enhanced variant of Super Spins. Usually, these spins are offered to VIP players or made available as an elite bonus deal to limited casino players. At times, these spins could become available to regular players too. But for that, players would be expected to make a large minimum deposit sum.

Terms and Conditions

If the free spin deal on offer looks unbelievably good, the terms beneath may not necessarily echo that sentiment. The following are some of the caveats attached to free spins:

• Game-Specific

It’s not always possible to play all games with a free spin. Generally, the online casino UK would clearly spell out the games that could be played with free spins. But since free spins encompass a range of online casino games, it’s unlikely your favourite game would get missed out.

• Wagering Requirements

Free spin terms could be a bit complex, especially with regard to wagering requisites. Basically, there are two kinds of wagering requirements for free spins. First, there is a free spin without any wagering requirement. This means you take all the money you win. But such free spins don’t come by easily and are hard to find. Another category of free spins require you to wager the sum you won courtesy free spins for a specific number of times before withdrawal. The actual wagering requirements could vary with different casinos.

• Expiration Period

A free spin has an expiration date. Generally, it expires within a week or two after being issued. However, there are also some free spins that die within 3 days or even 24 hours. This is why it’s recommended to put these free spins into play as soon as possible.

• Eligibility

Certain casinos restrict their free casinos to players from specific countries. For instance, a casino could provide free spins only to players from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Finland. As a player, it’s therefore important you go through the free spin terms and conditions thoroughly.

Promotions & Campaigns

As aforementioned, most online casinos frequently run free spin promotions. Therefore, if you’re looking for a free spin, first look out for active free spin campaigns. Usually, these campaigns are held for existing players. But some casinos could also branch out and take new players on-board. Head to a specific casino of your choice and look for promotions, if any. These campaigns are typically held during festive periods such as Christmas and Easter. Casinos generally like to push these campaigns out during holidays with additional free online casino bonus and spins.

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