Everything You Should Probably Know About Casino Match Bonus

 Jun, 18 - 2017   Casino

Also known as casino deposit bonus, a match bonus is essentially a bonus offered by an online casino. Generally, these bonuses are used by online casinos to attract new users and retain existing users. The bonus is dynamic in nature, which means it would vary with the promotional offers held by various casinos. Match bonuses aren’t the same as other online casino bonuses. So if you’re going to accept this type of bonus, make sure you are well aware of the terms.

Types of Match Bonuses

The following are some variations of match bonuses:

• 50 Percent Match Bonus

A 50 percent match bonus is an extra 50 percent poured into your bankroll after you make your first deposit. For instance, if the bonus is 50 percent and you make a $1,000 deposit, you would get an additional $500 in your account.

• 100 Percent Match Bonus

For obvious reasons, the 100 percent match bonus is extremely popular. In case an online casino has this bonus offer in effect, a player would get $1,000 as bonus into his account if he makes a $1,000 deposit.

• 200 Percent Match Bonus

Also called greater bonuses, a 200 percent match bonus entails the player receiving bonus amount two times the amount deposited. This is not a popular casino match bonus since casinos offering such bonuses are supposedly risking money. Moreover, if an online casino operator is offering a bonus more than 150 percent, it would invariably implement stricter wagering rules and regulations.

• 400 Percent Match Bonus

This bonus is the least recommended of all match bonuses, primarily because the play-through limitations attached to this bonus are generally quite steep. This makes it almost impossible to withdraw any winnings attached to the bonus.

Some of the other match bonus types are first deposit bonus, compound bonus package, and high roller bonus. The actual match bonus type you can avail would depend on the casino you choose to play in.

Terms and Conditions

Match bonuses vary across online casinos with regard to the terms and conditions as well. The details are as follows:

• Playthrough requirements: The bonus amount should be wagered for a certain number of times to withdraw the money won using the bonus. A few casinos add the deposit sum to the playthrough requirements as well.

• Minimum deposit: You must deposit a minimum sum stipulated by the online casino to avail the match bonus offered by the casino. The casino usually states the deposit amount on its website, under the terms and conditions section.

• Game eligibility: Quite often, casinos clearly mention the games you could play using the match bonus. And this is particularly true in case of free spins bonus. It’s not impossible to play games not part of the match bonus list. But if you do, you would probably invite penalties, which could well be your casino account termination.

• Maximum cashout: The maximum cashout rule usually pertains to free spins bonuses. However, some online casinos may also apply this rule to match bonus. In the case of free spins bonuses, you must deposit a specific sum for withdrawing the capped sum from the money you make with the bonus, post having fulfilled all wagering requirements.

• Games permitted with consecutive wins: Some online casinos mention the different casino games you could play using the match bonus, particularly the free spins element, post having won at least once with it. Though casinos could specify only certain games playable with the bonus, quite a few other casinos also let you play other games with the bonus. Detailed information about this can be found in the casino’s terms and conditions section.

• Permissible wager types with consecutive wins: The majority of online casinos restrict the wager type you could use with consecutive wins. Some common restrictions applied are limits imposed on wager doubling up, wager size cap, and also rules and regulations against gambling system usage.

Claiming Match Bonus

Claiming match bonuses is fairly straightforward. There are three ways you could claim the bonus. First, you could use a bonus code to claim the bonus. The code should be typed correctly when depositing your sum. Second, the bonus could be auto-allocated when making the deposit. You could then claim the bonus by heading to a specific link. The third method to claim the bonus is through email.

As aforementioned, before claiming or meddling with match bonus in any manner, make it a point to go through the associated terms and conditions. Read the fine print thoroughly so that you don’t get surprised later on.

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